Alee baby

Chill out after thunderstorm. paulaszymczyk on Instagram
Anonymous: I genuinely wasn't even trying to be smooth haha just there is no girls like you round here. They're all right pikies. Who has no concept of real music or how to even talk to anyone without threatening them haha xxx

That doesnt sound nice x

Anonymous: Cockney accent, I love it. Where I'm from there is no accent. Some might even think it's posh. Just sothern. I love girls with any sort of accents. It's just something differnt. But yeah you're real good :3 xxx

Smooth! Thank you x

Anonymous: You really are a rarity. You're an English girl, who has an exceptional taste in music, you are very pretty to say the least, you're really lovely and you really are very unique. For me anyway :3 xxx

Why thank you very much! Yeah I’m an English girl, but I have a Cockney accent, thats not very attractive. x


Enter Shikari on the red carpet.monday; 07.21.14
cleveland, ohio
Anonymous: Well I don't think you're all that bad. I can imagine you'd be real good company :) you haven't answered my questions ;3 xxx

You can have me, if you like c: x

Anonymous: So, wait wait wait. You said earlier I can have you? When do I come get you, what do I greet you with for you. Do you have any idea how much I love the sound of this? ;3 xxx

You do? I’m not that great, buddy x